With over 40 years of industry experience, Salmon Falls Nursery & Landscaping has an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial projects. We invite you to take a look at a few of our favorite projects. We hope these images spark some ideas for you, and provide inspiration for your own landscapes.

Ogunquit, Maine

This family summer home in the heart of Ogunquit, Maine is perched up on ledge with a long, but narrow lot. The only access to the backyard was an old fieldstone stairway connected to the backside of the house . The stairway was narrow, in the shade, and had an uneven surface that was moss covered and slippery. This access made it very challenging to carry up groceries, beach toys, the lawnmower, and kayaks. The homeowners presented the idea of a ramp, and we accepted the challenge. We designed a ramp with the right length and height for ease of use while reflecting the character of the house. We pulled the ramp away from the house into the sun and curved it for easy access from the driveway. In addition, at the top of the ramp we installed a garden and bluestone patio with landscape lighting for the family to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Rye, New Hampshire

This property is in a new development in Rye, NH. The homeowners had a blank slate to work with. They were downsizing from the home they raised their family in to a smaller retirement home but wanted lots of outdoor space to entertain friends, family, and especially grandchildren. We created several sitting areas to accommodate gatherings of many different sizes. A built in BBQ with raised counter created separation from their neighbors while dining, a sitting wall around the fire pit created an intimate area as well as additional seating for the grandchildren and their friends, and these areas opened to a more private patio off the back of the house that is open to the gardens. Since installation the homeowners have expressed how much the grandchildren enjoy sitting around the fire pit roasting marshmallows!

Lake House, Acton, Maine

These homeowners purchased a blocky 1950’s style house and remodeled it into a sleek modern lake-side home. It was important to them that their house and property reflect the natural landscape and have little impact on the lake. Erosion had been a past problem. We installed native plantings and locally sourced stone to create a seamless transition from house to waterfront. Riffle pools and rain gardens filled native wild sods were installed to redirect any runoff. A fire pit using natural boulders and a large granite slab terrace created outdoor living spaces from which views of the lake can be enjoyed.

Ogunquit, Maine

These new homeowners wanted to minimize upkeep on their vacation home, and “No grass” was the request. After much discussion, an existing deck was removed to create a two-level patio with gardens all around. The garden design consisted of trees and shrubs for screening in this tight neighborhood. Japanese Maples were incorporated to add color and a plethora of flowering shrubs and perennials were chosen for all-season interest.

Anderson Cove, Acton, Maine

This lakeside home was a complete remodel. A new irregular bluestone walkway at the front entrance surrounded by new planting added seasonal color and year round interest. We replaced the old steps to the lake with beautiful oversized reclaimed granite that fit nicely with the surrounding landscape.

Mousam Lake, Shapleigh, Maine

For this new home construction property, the homeowner did not want any turf. There was a lot of space to fill so we designed a combination of plants, dry river beds, and stepping stones. Many of the open areas are mulched with the naturally falling pine needles. This project is developing in stages with additional plants and blueberry sod to be added in phases.